Dealing with Choking

“I am just writing you a few lines to express my gratitude of the day that you took time to share with us in how to HELP. This evening, at my restaurant, I had the “opportunity” to share the knowledge that you were patient enough to pass into us, ME. One of my guest choke during the dinner. I actually was able to apply my learning…save a person.”


Expert Training

“I so enjoyed taking that recertification course. Not just nice to have it over with, but what a pleasure having you for a teacher. I loved the way you explained what a heart attack and stroke were. We deal with those issues frequently, but I really enjoyed the review, by you, in such a sure, concise, and accurate way. You are an excellent teacher.”


Engaging Classes

“I found the course to be very informative, for when I work with children, Tony was very clear in his information.. would definitely take it again in the near future when required again for work or, just to be kept updated on the latest First Aid information, thank you”